50 Film Facts About Me

Inspired by the wonderful writers over at Southern Vision and And So It Begins… I have decided to work on a list of 50 film based facts about me, things that triggered and contribute to my ongoing love of cinema.

1 – When I was younger, I distinctly remember going to the cinema almost every weekend with my dad and my brother, but I can’t remember any of the films we saw.

2 – When I was about 12, I remember being utterly terrified by Pinhead

3 – Hellraiser was the first real horror film that I watched. I was about 15 at the time.

4 – Horror was my first great cinematic love.

5 – The only seen two silent films I’ve seen are  The Artist and Begotten

6 – The first black and white film I remember seeing was Night of the Living Dead.

7 – It was also the first film that made think about the idea of filmmaking, after I watched an interview with George Romero on the DVD.

8 – The film that made me want to be a filmmaker more than anything else was David Lynch’s Eraserhead

9 – I saw Phantom Menace at least three times when it was released in cinemas.

10 – The cinemagoing experience that I will always remember is when I saw Return of the King on its opening weekend in a backed out cinema.

11 – For some reason I can’t remember, David Lynch served as my gateway into foreign cinema.

12 – The first foreign film I remember watching was Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, which I loved. The image of von Sydow playing chess with death is one of the that truly sticks in my mind.

13 – I have never cried at a film.

14 – I once watched all three Godfather movies in a single sitting.

15 – The first images of homosexuality that I saw were those in Pulp Fiction

16 – The first director I became majorly interested in was John Carpenter.

17 – The Thing is my favourite of his films that I’ve seen.

18 – I have never looked at my phone while watching a film in the cinema.

19 – My favourite film opening of all time is Manhattan

20 – Manhattan  also contains my favourite ending of any film.

21 – I have seen Manhattan at least a dozen times, and whenever I watch it, no matter the time, I will watch it all.

22 – Three film performances have genuinely unsettled me – Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs, Bruno Ganz in Downfall and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

23 – I was utterly baffled the first time I watched Mulholland Drive.

24 – Unlike everyone in my Media class, I hated Kidulthood, it is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.

25 – By contrast, I really liked Elephant, which they all loathed because “not many people spoke”.

26 – I prefer black and white film photography to colour film photography.

27 – Ironically, The Tree of Life  is the most visually beautiful film I have ever seen.

28 – I preferred Alien to Aliens.

29 – My least favourite Paul Thomas Anderson film is There Will Be Blood

30 – I love movie musicals. Especially Nine.

31 – I think Persona is Bergman’s masterpiece, and it has some of the best imagery ever used in film.

32 – My favourite actress is Tilda Swinton

33 – My favourite actor is Phillip Seymour Hoffman

34 – I think The Happiness of the Katakuris is a work of utterly mad genius.

35 – I’ve always preferred books to their film adaptations.

36 – The first documentary film I remember wanting to watch was The American Nightmare.

37 – I originally really wanted to make horror movies. Now I don’t constrain myself by saying I only want to make of a certain genre.

38 – I rarely agree with the Oscars.

39 – I love watching the Oscars.

40 – I’ve seen over 50% of the IMDB top 250 list.

41 – Cliche as I know it is, my favourite film of all time is The Shawshank Redemption.

42 – My favourite film from my childhood is The Lion King.

43 – I think Hans Zimmer is overrated.

44 – My favourite composer is Howard Shore.

45 – I want the hamburger phone from Juno

46 – I love superhero movies.

47 – The first film I remember thinking was a work of genius was Kubrick’s The Shining. 

48 – I hate it when people check their phones in cinemas.

49 – I hate it when people fall asleep in cinemas.

50 – I love films with ‘The End’ after the credits.



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12 responses to “50 Film Facts About Me

  1. This was a nice touch on a film blog. Very enjoyable. Nice layout on the blog too.

  2. Great post. I’m astonished that you’ve only seen two silent films – I could list hundreds for you to watch!

    • Sam

      I’m glad you liked it :). And please do recommend a few silent films, I’ve always wanted to get around to seeing more.

      • Okay, well my favourites are: The Battleship Potemkin, The General, City Lights, Intolerance, Greed, Un Chien Andalou, and my absolute favourite (but a difficult film to track down), Napoleon (1927).

      • Sam

        Ah, that seems a good starting point. Been meaning to watch Un Chien for a while so I can get around to seeing some Bunuel.

  3. Alex Withrow

    Love reading these.

    1. Ha, fair enough.
    5. Duuuude, Begotten is nuts. Get on some Chaplin, and Keaton, ASAP
    8. Love it
    13. Wow really?
    15. Same!
    18. Bless you.
    19. Chapter 1: He adored New York.
    28. Hell yes.
    29. OUCH! (PS, have you seen Hard Eight?)
    31. Yuuuuup.

    • Sam

      Begotten is rather strange, I may need to watch it again soon. I will check out Chaplin and Keaton soon :). It is quite odd I haven’t cried at a films, although in particular Brokeback Mountain and Milk have bought me close to it.

      • Alex Withrow

        I was a tough cry when I was 17. In my early-to-mid 20s, I didn’t cry ever. Now I’m pretty easy. At least with stuff I’ve seen before. First time cries are tough.

      • Sam

        Indeed. Although I have on compassion felt a very strong emotional response to something, one that’s hard to articulate. That happened when I watched Cries & Whispers for the first time yesterday.

  4. Alex Withrow

    Catherine, my lead actress in Earrings, can do Agnes’ roar/scream/yell/gargle perfectly. It is goddamn freaky.

  5. Terrific post! A few of my thoughts:

    #8 — It’s interesting that you were inspired by this movie. I haven’t seen it, but I have a friend who thinks it’s amazing. He said Lynch does an incomparable job of creating a vague unsettling feeling throughout the film.

    #12 — Sadly, I haven’t seen this movie yet — I’ve been wanting to for a while.

    #15 — Oh no! The “gimp” scene? That’s *not* a good introduction to homosexuality! (*Laughing*) 😉

    #33 — He is one of my favorites, too!

    I’m glad I discovered your blog. BTW, my daughter had a “100 Film Facts About Me” post up at our blog, in case you want to check it out.

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