20 Inspiring Cinematic Images

Film is of course a visual medium, and so it is only natural that the visual side should be so creatively inspiring, and that a chiefly visual film is the one that got me thinking about the long road to filmmaking.

So here, I will show 20 different images from 20 different films that inspired me creatively and added to my desire to make movies. However, just to (hopefully) make it a little more interesting.




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5 responses to “20 Inspiring Cinematic Images

  1. Alex Withrow

    That is some serious eye candy right there. I think the Begotten still will throw a lot of people off, which is awesome. That movie is so crazy. I need to check it out again.

    • Sam

      I can’t help but think your favourite image among them would be the Persona one. Begotten is a rather strange, certainly an ‘out there’ first silent film, haha.

      • Alex Withrow

        Ah my favorite… that’s tough. The Mulholland Dr. one is so layered, the 2001 still is confounding, Tree of Life image is wondrous and the Cache still is horrifying. All great.

  2. Wow what an intersting collage of memorable cinematic moments.

  3. The ‘Tree of Life’ of one is almost iconic right now.

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